Falcons Clinic System

Streamlining patient information, reservations, referrals, and multiple clinics

Falcons Clinics System eliminates confusion by quickly calling up patient history, connecting health professionals from multiple clinics, and tracking appointment information. Health care professionals can log into the system remotely to more conveniently manage upcoming patients and alter their information. Important patient information is highlighted by the system and tracks past exams and diagnoses. Multiple reports are also included to track information about patients, doctors, and services.

  • Remote access available
  • Support for multiple users and branches
  • Detailed patient history information
  • Contains several important reports
  • Doctor profiles & specialization information
  • Ability to quickly call up exam results

Amazing Features Our customized, detailed, and efficient systems are designed to deliver value

Falcons Soft Systems are the product of years of development and expertise

The most powerful programming languages drive Falcons Soft Systems and most systems are designed to work under the Windows environment. Our systems fully integrate with other systems and hardware and we are sure you will be satisfied with your experience with Falcons Soft. By keeping our prices affordable and offering comprehensive technical support, we give businesses a chance to use IT solutions to streamline their business.

Powerful programming languages Agile, quick, and cutting edge system design
24/7 Technical Support A team of professionals ready to help
Full integration Compatibility with existing systems and hardware
Comprehensive and Clean Reporting Quickly access and analyze more information
Grow Your Business
Falcons Soft is committed to providing customized systems, solutions, and services to our clients. With more than twenty years of expertise, our professional staff are prepared to make your business more efficient - saving you time and money. Whether you want to implement a point-of-sale system, need help integrating new systems, or have another request, Falcons Soft can help.

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Falcons Soft Systems

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